Tom Brady Pulls Power Move Get Antonio Brown Back On Patriots

Tom Brady Pulls Power Move Get Antonio Brown Back On Patriots

Tom Brady Pulls Power Move Get Antonio Brown Back On Patriots

Tom Brady pulled a power move to get Antonio Brown back on the New England Patriots.

Earlier this week, Brown made headlines when he issued a surprising apology to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

You will recall, Brown briefly spent some time with New England before ultimately being waived following a sexual assault accusation.

After being waived, Brown sent out a controversial tweet directed at Kraft, referencing his infamous situation at a massage parlor.

“Kraft got caught in the parlor AB speculations fired different strokes different folks clearly,” he said at the time.

This week, he walked that statement back.

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“Mr. Kraft I apologize sincerely to you and your organization! All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization; sorry for the bad media and the drama! Thank you sincerely, AB,” Brown wrote on Instagram.

What brought on the change?

Well, the NFL is reviewing Brown’s status and many are optimistic about his chances of returning to the league this year.

If he does return, clearly signing with the Patriots would make sense for all involved.

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Immediately after Brown made his apology, Brady liked it.

While speaking with the media, Brady was pressed on why he opted for this show of support.

“I liked him. We had a great rapport when we were here,” Brady told the Boston Herald.

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“I’m trying to support him to be the best person that he can be, that’s all.”

The question on people’s minds now is: did Brady push Brown to make the apology?

Brady and Brown had a good relationship during their brief stint together, so it would make sense.

“For me, I’m just at this stage of my career, I’m 42 years old. I want to help everybody I can that I come across in this locker room, my friends, to be the best they can be,” Brady continued.

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“And how I can support them the best way possible. I feel like I have a lot of experience. Part of being a leader in this locker room is trying to help people understand the challenges of being in the positions that they’re in.

“I think that’s a really fun thing for me, as I’ve gotten older, is to embrace that, like Drew Bledsoe did for me, like Lawyer Milloy did for me, like Tedy Bruschi did for me, like Mike Vrabel did for me, like Rodney Harrison did for me.

“And now, I’m in their position, so, it’s my responsibility to convey to them what it takes to have a great, successful career.”

It still remains to be seen if Brown will get the green light to return to the NFL this year. But if he does, and he ends up coming back to the Patriots, it will likely be a move that Brady helped push along from all angles.

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