Winner of Patriots vs Cowboys Is Obvious, Says ESPN

Winner of Patriots vs Cowboys Is Obvious, Says ESPN

Winner of Patriots vs Cowboys Is Obvious, Says ESPN

The winner of Sunday’s New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys showdown is obvious, says ESPN.

This weekend the two top teams in the NFC East and AFC East will square off.

Heading into the game the Patriots appear to be the stronger overall unit.

Their defense is playing better than ever and aside from one small hiccup versus the Baltimore Ravens, nobody has really challenged them thus far this season.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, find themselves in a more precarious situation.

They sit atop their division, sure, but it is because their division is not good this year.

Along the same lines, Dallas has yet to beat anyone of note this season.

According to ESPN’s statistical analysis of the upcoming game, that is unlikely to change any time soon.

The worldwide leader says there is 70.4 percent chance that the Patriots emerge from this game victorious.

Will ESPN’s prediction ultimately end up coming to fruition?

We’ll find out once and for all this coming Sunday.

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