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Urban Meyer Reveals His Coaching Status

Urban Meyer Reveals His Coaching Status

Urban Meyer Reveals His Coaching Status

Urban Meyer reveals his coaching status during a recent interview.

Meyer, 55, is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in college football history.

When he called it quits last year, most assumed that it was just a temporary sabbatical.

Thus far, Meyer’s name has been linked to Notre Dame, USC and Florida State – as well as some other lesser known institutions.

This week Meyer appeared on the “Courtside” podcast and revealed how he felt about potentially returning to coaching after his one year off.

“The hardest part of the day is the first 30 minutes of every morning,” he said.

“It’s down to about 30 minutes now. It used to be about an hour or an hour-and-a-half where I just missed it so bad. But I’m so into this FOX college football team that I have.

“I’m so into other things, whether it be business opportunities or something else. I’m also into my grandchildren and wife and family.

“We’re traveling and doing some cool things. I played Augusta (National) two weeks ago – when could you have ever done that in the fall? So it’s a nice life out there.”

Will Meyer ultimately return to football? It’s hard to say. One year ago it seemed like a lock that he would.


It is a little less certain.

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