Bill Belichick Responds To Cowboys Coaching Job

Bill Belichick Responds To Cowboys Coaching Job

Bill Belichick Responds To Cowboys Coaching Job

Bill Belichick responds to the Cowboys coaching job story Jerry Jones told recently.

Over the past two decades Belichick’s name has become synonymous with the New England Patriots.

However, 1996 was a different time.

Belichick had just been coming off getting fired by the Cleveland Browns and was hungry for new opportunities.

As Jones tells the story, the pair ran into one another at a ski resort where Belichick essentially told Jones to keep him in mind for few vacancies.

“Bill Belichick said, ‘I can coach. If you ever get an opportunity, don’t forget about me,’” Jones said on 105.3.

“I’ve thought about that many times. You never know where you can find a great coach. You can find them in a ski checkout line sometimes.”

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Jones did not end up taking Belichick up on his offer.

Instead Belichick took an assistant coaching job at New England and ultimately became the team’s head coach in 2000. He then went on to win six Super Bowls with the Patriots, while Dallas won zero in the same timespan.

On Wednesday, Belichick addressed Jones’ story.

“Yeah, I was out in Snowmass,” he said.

“I was out there with the family, and Jerry, he’s got on a big white jacket with a blue star, coming off a couple Super Bowl victories out there.

“But yeah, Jerry and the Jones’ have always been great to me.”

Would the Cowboys post-1996 legacy be different if they had just given Belichick a shot?

It is impossible to say for certain – but it sure is fun to think about.

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