Cam Newton Heading To Bengals

Cam Newton Heading To Bengals

Cam Newton Heading To Bengals

Cam Newton is heading to the Cincinnati Bengals, most likely.

Newton, 30, has been out all but two games this year due to a foot injury.

He has not played since the Panthers’ loss to the Tampa Buccaneers in Week 2.

Moreover, Newton started 0–2 as the Carolina starter and completed just 56.2% of his passes.

He did not throw a single touchdown.

Newton’s replacement Kyle Allen started out of the gate hot, but ha cooled since then.

Either way, regardless of whether Allen proves to be a long-term solution or not, Newton’s days in Carolina seem to be numbered.

The financial reality here is that the Panthers were not winning with him at quarterback and, although Allen may not necessarily be better, they get more bang for their buck with the cheaper, younger quarterback.

That of course brings up an obvious question: where does Newton go from here?

Well, according to oddsmakers, the two favorites to acquire Newton this summer are the Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bears have been the trendy choice for where Newton will inevitably land, but don’t sleep on the Bengals.

Chicago could just as easily target someone like Matt Ryan this offseason, who has arguably been able to do more with less over the last few years.

That would leave Newton as the odd man out – and a perfect target for the Bengals.

With the Andy Dalton Era officially over in Cincinnati, they could use an MVP-level talent to lead the offense. And if Newton gets healthy, he could be precisely that for them.

Is it a lock that Newton will end up with the Bengals? No, obvious the Bears are still a contender for his services.

Is there a very good chance he ends up in Cincinnati, though?


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  1. Is AB a better choice with all the baggage he took to New England that Kaepernic (who simply gave verbal outrage to America’s Police brutality on Black Americans) to get a second chance in the NF?

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