Suns’ Devin Booker Discusses NBA Players Pooping Their Pants

Suns’ Devin Booker Discusses NBA Players Pooping Their Pants

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker understands NBA players better than most.

As one of the biggest stars of his generation and one of the most talented guys in the league today, he is totally in tune with his counterparts on both a physical and mental level.

Plus, as evidenced by his 7-Suns-Players-In-1-Night debacle, Booker knows his way around messy situations.

In that spirit, he emerged as a perfect person to discuss the poop issue that many NBA players seemed to have had over the years.

The greatest example of this in league history of course is Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce. His infamous bathroom woes and how he dealt with them remain a thing of legend.

But Pierce wasn’t alone in having these sorts of issues. Current Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden is also no stranger to having odd stains on his playing shorts.

Not long ago, Yaron Weitzman of TrueHoop did a deep dive on NBA players pooping their pants. It was riveting.

“I’ve seen a couple white shorts where you see someone had a little accident on the back,” Booker told Weitzman of this phenomenon.

“Just ask any equipment manager.”

Another prominent NBA vet, Lance Thomas, also confirmed this was a legit problem.

“That’s definitely a thing,” he said. “Usually when someone’s at the free-throw line you notice it. Especially if they’re wearing white.”

Obviously this all makes sense. NBA players have to abide by very strict dietary restrictions in order to perform as the top-tier athletes they are.

That in turn sometimes manifests itself in accidents occurring at the worst of times.

Booker’s openness on the topic is quite refreshing, albeit not surprising. This is a guy who can walk into a club and get mobbed by females, so obviously his confidence is through the roof in all situations.

Hopefully as this phenomenon becomes more known thanks to stars like Booker shining a light on it, there will be less of a stigma surrounding it.

Accidents happen.

They happen to big time athletes, too.

NBA players sometimes poop their pants during games. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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