What Happened To ‘7 Suns Players In 1 Night’ Girl Ayyyejae? (Photos)

What Happened To '7 Suns Players In 1 Night' Girl Ayyyejae? (Photos)

The Phoenix Suns are one year removed from making the NBA Finals and head into next season as a potential favorite to come out of the Western Conference.

These days, the Suns are an extremely respectable and competitive franchise. But that wasn’t always the case. Although they are in the headlines these days primarily for on-the-court matters, as recently as 2020 they found themselves in the news for something pretty tawdry.

That year, a young woman who went by Ayyyejae set social media ablaze with a shocking confession about her alleged experience with seven Suns players.

Understandably, fans were enthralled. It’s rare that a scandal this juicy comes along in NBA circles. Yes, one team landed in the headlines for a “sex party” and there was a private stripper party that got exposed on Instagram – but those are the exceptions to the rule.

Because of that, Ayyyejae and what she allegedly did with the Suns became front page news. At one point, she even seemed to suggest that a video of the incident was coming – despite the personal and professional ramifications she suffered.

In the years since, many have occasionally wondered what ever happened to Ayyyejae.

The answer is complicated.

Ayyyejae seemed to embark on an adult film-type career at one point, but nowadays it’s hard to discern what she actually does. She seemingly has an OnlyFans, but doesn’t appear to do much promotion for it.

Then there are these Instagram posts:


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A post shared by Aliza Jane (@ayyyejae)


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A post shared by Aliza Jane (@ayyyejae)


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A post shared by Aliza Jane (@ayyyejae)

Presumably, if she was still actively pursuing action in the adult entertainment space, she’d be more actively promoting it.

So based on all that, it’s hard to know what’s what on the Ayyyejae front.

Devin Booker and the Suns, meanwhile, seem to have moved on. His recent intimate photos with Kendall Jenner speak for themselves.

Maybe at some point Ayyyejae will emerge from the shadows and offer some insight into what she’s up to in life, but at the moment, the answer is unclear.

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