Private NBA Stripper Party Gets Exposed On Instagram (Video)

Private NBA Stripper Party Gets Exposed On Instagram (Video)

NBA players’ proclivity for strippers is something of an open secret in most sports circles. They attend clubs that feature strippers, host private gatherings and invite them, and sometimes end up in a whole lot of trouble over what they do with them.

As such, various hoopsters being tied to strippers shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.

Despite that, this week a video went viral showcasing what appears to be the aftermath of a stripper party that was reportedly attended by NBA players.

The video speaks for itself:

“I’m back Last night private Nba Stripper Party,” the caption reads.

Between all the condoms and cash on the floor, the event definitely looked like a wild one. And while the attendees remain anonymous, the internet being the internet means that likely won’t be the case for long.

NBA players get most of the attention when it comes to stripper-related activities, but they’re not the only athletes that love them. Very recently one particular NFL player landed in some hot water over his fun times as well.

Either way, despite the increasing media scrutiny, it’s unlikely that athletes will stop attending stripper-laden events. If anything, they’ll just try to be slightly more careful about it going forward.

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