James Harden’s Shorts Had An Odd Stain During Rockets Game

James Harden’s Shorts Had An Odd Stain During Rockets Game

James Harden’s Shorts Had An Odd Stain During Rockets Game

James Harden’s shorts had an odd stain during the Rockets’ game against the Boston Celtics on Saturday. Inevitably, this led to some interesting questions.

As the former MVP fell to the floor during this weekend’s 111-110 overtime win over Boston, eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed a mysterious stain on the back/bottom of his white shorts.

During one particular sequence in the first half, Harden drove to the basketball for what should have been an easy layup and got his shot blocked. In the process, he fell to the floor – legs in the air.

That’s when fans noticed the stain. Immediately, fans began offering up their theories on what it was.

“Harden just stained his legacy,” wrote one fan.

Naturally, this situation brought up memories of Paul Pierce’s now infamous admission regarding Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals.

In that outing, after seemingly suffering a brutal leg injury, Pierce stayed on the floor for an extended period of time and eventually needed a wheelchair to be removed from the floor.

More than a decade later, during an appearance on ESPN, Pierce admitted the real reason he needed to be removed from the floor in a wheelchair.

“I have a confession to make,” he said. “I just had to go to the bathroom.”

Now Harden will have the same sort of jokes following him around.

Immediately after the incident, a fan referenced his recent beef with the Greek Freak using this most recent mishap.

“Anybody could be 6’5 and s**t themselves in a game, it doesn’t take skill,” the fan wrote.

Dirty shorts notwithstanding, Houston is now 39-10 on the year with Saturday’s big win.

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