Russell Wilson, Ciara Mocked Over Vacation Photo

Russell Wilson, Ciara Mocked Over Vacation Photo

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara are no strangers to making headlines.

One is a championship-caliber former NFL MVP. The other is an internationally-renowned singer. Attention comes with the territory. Sometimes it’s good; other times it’s bad.

This week, Wilson and Ciara found themselves in the headlines for something of an unfortunate reason.

During a recent trip to London, the pair was photographed together. Wilson’s outfit, in particular, drew the ire of a certain segment of fans.

The photo largely speaks for itself:

As do the reactions:

Obviously this isn’t the first time in recent weeks that this dynamic duo has gone viral. Their extremely provocative vacation photos also left quite the impression earlier this month.

And then there was that now-infamous moment where they were deemed “not famous enough,” which understandably stirred up some reactions.

For whatever reason, Wilson and Ciara constantly make people feel some type of way. Their marriage feels like a topic of conversation a lot more than many other athlete and celebrity unions. It has gotten so severe that even Wilson’s own teammates have had to come out and speak on it.

Wilson and Ciara are an extremely fun pair. It doesn’t matter whether it’s over the arguments involving their marriage, the odd dramas they land in or for running away from Ciara’s ex Future at parties – the pair is always setting the internet ablaze for one reason or another.

If past is truly prologue, it’s unlikely that they’ll stop generating headlines any time soon.

What will they ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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