New Russell Wilson And Ciara Video Sparks Outrage

New Russell Wilson And Ciara Video Sparks Outrage

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and internationally renowned singer Ciara are two of the most beloved personalities in all of sports and entertainment. The pair’s relationship is often used an example of a positive celebrity marriage.

That being said, they are not above criticism and controversy.

This past week, Wilson and Ciara landed in hot water after a viral video of theirs rubbed some people the wrong way.

The video in question largely speaks for itself:

At first glance the clip seems pretty innocuous, right? Cute, even? Not to everyone.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA, was not impressed with what they saw in the video. So much so, in fact, that they opted to call out Wilson and Ciara in a statement to TMZ.

PETA is under the impression that Bronco came from a breeder where “mother dogs are often locked inside filthy cages and bred over and over until their bodies give out.” The organization then opted to use one of Ciara’s songs to criticize Wilson and Ciara, claiming the couple made a “one, two step mistake by killing a shelter dog’s chances of finding a home.”

They then took it one step further with a more official request.

“PETA is calling on the couple to Level Up on kindness by adopting a companion for this pup instead of fueling the homeless-animal crisis.”

This isn’t the first time in recent months Wilson and Ciara have faced some level of scrutiny. The pair’s relationship came under fire back in April, prompting some pretty serious backlash. It got to the point where even Wilson’s former Seattle Seahawks teammate D.K. Metcalf felt the need to weigh in.

All in all, whether they are running away from Ciara’s baby daddy Future at a shindig or speaking openly regarding the strangest locale they have ever gotten intimate in — it feels like Wilson and Ciara have been news magnets as of late.

This PETA thing is just par for the course.

What will Wilson and Ciara ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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