DK Metcalf’s Blunt Reaction To Russell Wilson, Ciara Marriage Drama

DK Metcalf’s Blunt Reaction To Russell Wilson, Ciara Marriage Drama

D.K. Metcalf has never been one to shy away from contact.

The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver doesn’t fear it on the field, and he most definitely isn’t concerned about it off the field either.

This week, Metcalf decided to weigh in on something of a messy topic: marriage drama surrounding former quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara.

Namely, Metcalf wanted to address comments by former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder.

On the most recent episode of his ‘The Pivot’ podcast, Crowder suggested that Wilson was a “square” and that Ciara was only with him for financial reasons.

“If Russell didn’t have that bread Ciara wouldn’t be with him,” Crowder said. “Ciara, she has a good situation. You don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson. It’s a type. Everybody has a type… and I love him on the field but he’s f–king square.”

Metcalf heard that criticism and decided to address it head on.

It’s hard not to respect that. Metcalf doesn’t owe Wilson anything. They’re not teammates anymore. If anything, nobody would blame him for being upset that his star quarterback left him in a rapidly deteriorating Seattle situation.

Instead, Metcalf opted to go the honorable route. You love to see it.

Wilson and Ciara are obviously no strangers to this sort of stuff. Whether it’s for running away from Future at a party or talking about the craziest place they got frisky — the pair always seems to be in the news nowadays.

Big picture, this promises to be an interesting next few weeks for Metcalf. There have been a lot of rumblings about him getting traded recently, and it’ll be intriguing to see if anything martializes on that front. One squad in particular has quietly emerged as a favorite for his services in the event of a possible deal.

Whether or not Metcalf will get dealt remains to be seen, but in the mean time he’s earning a lot of acclaim for how he opted to go about dealing with this Wilson-Ciara-Crowder drama.

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