DK Metcalf’s Honest Take On Russell Wilson, Ciara Marriage Drama

DK Metcalf’s Honest Take On Russell Wilson, Ciara Marriage Drama

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf has always been one of the NFL’s more outspoken personalities.

Whether it’s talking about his love life or how he feels about others around the league, the 24-year-old never shies away from tough topics.

In that spirit it was fairly unsurprising that this past week Metcalf decided to tackle a somewhat weighty subject: the marriage drama surrounding his former quarterback, Russell Wilson.

You will recall, about a month ago, ex-Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder decided to take aim at Wilson and his marriage with internationally-renowned singer, Ciara. He called Wilson a “square” and suggested that Ciara was only with him for money.

“If Russell didn’t have that bread Ciara wouldn’t be with him,” Crowder said at the time. “Ciara, she has a good situation. You don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson. It’s a type. Everybody has a type… and I love him on the field but he’s f–king square.”

Metcalf grew close to Wilson during their time together in Seattle. And although an offseason trade between the Seahawks and Denver Broncos broke their partnership up on the field, off the field he still has his boy’s back.

“Well that’s just him,” he said on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast last week.

“People call it square, okay, if it’s lame being a square then I’ll be lame too. Like, it’s lame that you treat your wife good. And y’all seem happy and y’all genuinely happy for each other? Cool I wanna be that way too. He’s too good and too perfect that people can’t see their life like that. So they wanna hate on him.”

This isn’t the first time Metcalf has boldly defended Wilson. He also did so on social media when the drama first went down:

This entire situation is somewhat puzzling, so it’s nice to see that Metcalf has opted to be the adult in the room. Since when is stability and a healthy marriage a negative? All Wilson and Ciara do is present images of what a happy marriage looks like.

And folks are mad about that?

It’s worth noting, it’s not like these two are totally boring either. Between running away from Ciara’s ex Future at a schindig and talking about the freakiest place they got intimate — the pair finds a way to be risqué as well. It’s just not all they’re about.

Big picture, as Wilson’s ex-wife can attest to: the road to this point was at times a bumpy one. But now that they are here, Wilson and Ciara are very happy.

That’s all that should matter.

It’s nice that Metcalf has decided to be so mature about this situation, but it’s a shame that others can’t be more like him when discussing the traits that make someone a good man.

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