Russell Wilson, Ciara Clip Goes Viral After DK Metcalf Comment

Russell Wilson, Ciara Clip Goes Viral After DK Metcalf Comment

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara are no strangers to the spotlight. From the beginning of their time together, they have been in the headlines nonstop.

That said, back in early April, the pair found themselves under the magnifying glass in an unexpected way.

Former NFL Channing Crowder appeared on a podcast and casually stated that the only reason Ciara was with Wilson was because of money. He described the Broncos quarterback as a “square” and noted that if he “didn’t have that bread Ciara wouldn’t be with him.”

Understandably, that caused something of a stir.

Crowder’s bold assessment led to an intriguing reaction from Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf, who played alongside Wilson for many years.

On Monday, a clip of Wilson and Ciara came out that really got to Metcalf’s central point. The video largely speaks for itself:


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It is very reminiscent of one that emerged last week, painting the pair in a similar light.

Is Wilson a little bit boring? Sure. You can see how some would ascribe the “square” label to him. After all, he really thought this was a fun and exciting new motto for the Broncos:

But he is also a doting husband, father and, judging by Metcalf’s vehement defense of him – friend.

Besides, Wilson and Ciara make plenty of headlines for “crazy” stuff as well. Whether it’s over their decision to run away from Ciara’s ex Future at a shindig or opening up regarding the messiest place they got intimate, they have a little spunk in them as well.

They just so happen to also balance that out with a healthy, grown-up relationship.

Crowder’s choice to hate on Wilson and Ciara struck a lot of folks as off-note because it feels like this duo should be exactly the type of relationship the media puts up on a pedestal. Not the unhealthy ones where stars are cheating on their spouses or the ones featuring overly-aggressive old coaches that can’t keep their hands off young blondes who aren’t their wives.

What Wilson and Ciara have – that is a good relationship.

Hopefully as time passes, people gain perspective on what truly matters in life and start glorifying the sort of love that Wilson and Ciara have.

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