David Beckham Embroiled In Instagram Cheating Scandal?

David Beckham Embroiled In Instagram Cheating Scandal?

Soccer star David Beckham is no stranger to making headlines. Just this weekend he and his family were the biggest story in town when they attended their son, Brooklyn’s, wedding.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the happy occasion, Beckham became embroiled in something of an unsavory controversy.

It all began when his wife, Victoria, posted this Instagram photo set:


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Prompting an awkward response in the comments:

David Beckham Embroiled In Instagram Cheating Scandal? 1

“So weird for me to see them as a family as David used to buy lingerie from Saks for his mistresses,” the reply read, as transcribed by “One time we called to tell him an order arrived at the Store and Victoria answered.  It was so awkward!”


It goes without saying that someone saying something online doesn’t make it true. Everyone can decide for themselves how to interpret that reply and whether they choose to believe it. But the fact that someone even put it out there, again – yikes.

Beckham isn’t the first athlete to find himself entangled in this sort of sordid rumor situation. A few weeks back, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James found himself in similarly hot water.

Before that, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha were linked to an especially salacious set of rumors themselves. Ditto for Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns and his beau Jordyn Woods.

This most recent Beckham ordeal just feels like par for the course. It comes standard with celeb life, apparently.

Will anyone linked to the Beckhams ultimately opt to address this matter, or will they simply let it die without drawing more attention to it?

Time will tell.

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