Are Stephen And Ayesha Curry Getting Divorced?

Are Stephen And Ayesha Curry Getting Divorced?

This past summer news of Dell and Sonya Curry getting divorced rocked the sports world. Because of how close the couple had always seemed, the separation wasn’t something folks saw coming.

In the direct aftermath, the Dell-Sonya split got very messy, very quickly.

There were cheating allegations. Sleazy details emerged. Kids were forced to take sides. It was just ugly, from every possible angle.

This week, questions began to bubble about the relationship between Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and his longtime wife Ayesha.

It all began with this TikTok video:

@dearjane1Toxic masculinity, he wants to be the “man” I guess. Story was sent to me. 2nd time I’m hearing about this 😱 #storytime #story #tea #nba♬ Glitterati Party – Orchestra Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

Essentially, per this TikToker, she worked at a prominent law office and witnessed an unfortunate exchange between an NBA player and his wife.

The exchange centered around the wife’s desire to launch a new furniture line, and the husband blocking the move. The husband allegedly told the wife that it was “too soon” to move into the furniture business because she was already working on “cooking stuff.”

The husband in question was described as “devout.”

Naturally, social media immediately began to link two specific people to this video.

Are Stephen And Ayesha Curry Getting Divorced? 1 Are Stephen And Ayesha Curry Getting Divorced? 2 Are Stephen And Ayesha Curry Getting Divorced? 3

Obviously, it is impossible to know for certain what’s what in this particular case, but clearly social media has made up its mind.

For what it’s worth – nothing in Stephen or Ayesha’s public posts signal that there is any acrimony. So this is pure conjecture on social media’s part.

Is there any basis in it, though? We’ll find out in due time.

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