Luka Doncic’s Blunt Reaction To Jason Kidd’s Decisions In Mavs Loss

Luka Doncic’s Blunt Reaction To Jason Kidd’s Decisions In Mavs Loss

The Dallas Mavericks squandered a massive lead in Game 2 of their Western Conference Finals showdown against the Golden State Warriors.

Despite leading for almost the entirety of the outing, Dallas ultimately fell to Golden State 126-117 on Friday night.

One issue that some casual observers took with the Mavericks’ efforts after the game were the lack of timeouts called by head coach Jason Kidd. The underlying theory is that it may have helped to stall the Warriors’ runs if he had been more proactive in that regard.

Afterward, Luka Doncic came out and offered his candid thoughts on Kidd’s decision-making.

“Heis the coach, he’s the boss,” Doncic said.

“So whatever he says is good. Sometimes he’s going to take a timeout, sometimes not. When you play away, I think he’s going to take more timeouts than at home. He’s the boss. We listen to him.”

This isn’t the first time Doncic has been asked to address Kidd’s coaching.

Doncic, who scored 42 points on the night, also covered questions regarding his lingering shoulder injury.

“The shoulder is fine, it’s all good,” Doncic said. “…The pain for the shoulder is a little bit there, after the first quarter I was tired. But after that I was good.”

Clearly Doncic isn’t going to make excuses for his squad’s shortcomings. His focus, instead, is on winning.

With his girlfriend so openly supporting him right now and given that he is playing arguably the best ball of his career, Doncic is understandably still very confident.

Will that translate into a few wins for his squad over the next several days? Time will tell.

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