Raiders Fan Loses Her Shirt During Jets Game, Gets Kicked Out (Video)

Raiders Fan Loses Her Shirt During Jets Game, Gets Kicked Out (Video)

A Las Vegas Raiders fan was kicked out of this weekend’s game after she inexplicably decided to lose her shirt during the outing.

Heading into Sunday, there wasn’t a ton of hype surrounding the Raiders’ showdown against the New York Jets. Both squads came in with losing records, and neither had been playing particularly great football in 2023.

Obviously there is some level of intrigue surrounding Las Vegas now that Josh McDaniels is gone. Any time you shed a coach who literally traded away his star because his wife was attracted to him, and then you immediately start winning, it makes for a fun story.

And sure, watching Zach Wilson continuously fail upwards is fascinating in its own right.

But from a football perspective, neither the Raiders nor the Jets have much to offer this year. Perhaps for this reason, one enterprising Raiders fan decided to lose her shirt during the game.


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Raiders Fan Loses Her Shirt During Jets Game, Gets Kicked Out (Video) 1

For obvious reasons, she was subsequently kicked.

If the woman in that video looks familiar, it is probably because she is the same person who claimed that a Raiders star robbed her not too long ago.

In a kooky week of football that saw Bill Belichick choreograph that he wants to leave the New England Patriots for one specific team, Tom Brady go on a date with Erin Andrews, and Pam Oliver suffer some sort of medical emergency midway through a game – nothing should be surprising.

But a Raiders fan getting kicked out of a game for randomly losing her shirt definitely somehow stole the show.

Big picture, Davante Adams and Co. are now 5-5 on the year and sit second in the AFC West. Thanks to that division’s general dysfunctionality, they may finish as runners-up to the Kansas City Chiefs when everything is said done.

That said, it is unlikely that they will be able to claim a Wild Card berth.

For that reason, this particular Raiders fan shenanigans will likely prove to be the highlight of the 2023 season when everyone looks back on it.

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