Erin Andrews, Tom Brady Beverly Hills Date Night Photos Emerge

Erin Andrews, Tom Brady Beverly Hills Date Night Photos Emerge

Erin Andrews and Tom Brady were spotted on a date of some sort in Beverly Hills this week.

Because Andrews is married and Brady has been romantically linked to several people, the popular consensus in the aftermath was that this was just a gathering between friends.

That said, in light of how popular Andrews is, and given Brady’s status within the larger cultural zeitgeist, their little get-together made headlines nevertheless.

The imagery from Andrews’ evening with Brady spoke for itself:

The two met up at ‘Funke’ restaurant in Beverly Hills – a hot spot of sorts in Los Angeles. What precisely they chatted about remains unknown.

In a crazy football weekend that saw Sam Ponder’s outfit to her ESPN show get called out, Pam Oliver suffer some sort of medical emergency during her game and Jared Goff’s fiancée set the internet ablaze with her provocative choice of attire to his game, Andrews and Brady likely won’t steal the headlines away.

That said, their meeting was definitely a get-together between titans in their respective fields.

Will Andrews and Brady shine a light on what they talked about at some point in the near future? Time will tell.

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