35 Seconds Of James Harden Lowlights With The Clippers (Video)

35 Seconds Of James Harden Lowlights With The Clippers (Video)

James Harden’s time with the Los Angeles Clippers has not gone as planned so far.

When L.A. initially acquired him, many believed that the former league MVP might be the piece that puts them over the top in their championship chase.

After four losses in four games, it is increasingly looking like that won’t be the case. In fact, it now seems as though Harden may prove to be the piece that blows the Kawhi Leonard-Paul George Clippers Super Team up once and for all.

This week, a video surfaced online showing just how bad Harden has been. It showcases 35 seconds of Harden lowlights in a Clippers uniform:

Fans have never been too keen on the Clippers. And Harden has worn out his welcome with them as well.

As a result, they had some strong reactions to the video:

In the Clippers’ most recent game, Leonard showed more frustration than he has ever shown in his NBA career.

Things are getting ugly in L.A.

If this group doesn’t start winning soon – the wheels may completely fall off.

Will Harden and the Clippers ultimately find a way to get their affairs in order before it’s too late? Time will tell.

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