2 Frontrunners For Alex Caruso Emerge Amid Bulls Trade Rumors

2 Frontrunners For Alex Caruso Emerge Amid Bulls Trade Rumors

Alex Caruso is in the midst of another strong campaign with the Chicago Bulls this year, but it hasn’t done much to change his team’s fortunes.

As things presently stand, Chicago is 4-8 through 12 games and looks destined to be a seller rather than a buyer ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

Caruso, who made the NBA All-Defensive First Team last season, is quietly emerging as a highly sought-after piece.

At the moment, two teams look like serious frontrunners for Caruso’s services.

According to NBA insider Sean Deveney, the Miami Heat are a squad to watch.

“They need a guard in the worst way,” an Eastern Conference executive told Deveney.

“They’re not out there beating the bushes for a trade or anything, that is not how they operate. They’re going to say they like Josh and they like Dru Smith, and all of that.

“But they’ve got to be concerned and if the Bulls let it be known that Alex Caruso can be traded, they’d have to be the first in line. He is an Erik Spoelstra kind of guy all the way. They have an eye on him, for sure. We all do.”

The other team to keep an eye on when it comes to Caruso is the Los Angeles Lakers. Although he is only averaging 7.8 points per game, the 29-year-old is also shooting 44 percent from beyond the arc.

Over the offseason L.A. brought in Gabe Vincent to play lockdown defense and shoot threes well. His three-point shooting percentage currently? An incredible 7.1 percent.

Caruso would plug that hole quite easily.

Obviously things didn’t end well between Caruso and the Lakers the first time around. Both sides said as much. And Caruso, in particular, seemed pretty hurt by how everything went down.

That said – business is business.

And playing in L.A., no matter what, is always a special experience.

Will the Lakers or Heat ultimately be able to pull off a trade for Caruso? Time will tell.

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