NFL Fans React To Sam Ponder’s ESPN Countdown Outfit (Photos)

NFL Fans React To Sam Ponder’s ESPN Countdown Outfit (Photos)

Sam Ponder is one of the most well-respected voices in football broadcasting today. While her husband may have played in the league, she has actually covered it longer than he spent as a top-tier quarterback.

Last week, Ponder made headlines when her outfit to ESPN’s NFL Countdown show was widely criticized. Because of that, all eyes were on her this week.

What would she wear on Sunday? How would it be received? An answer to both questions emerged over the past 24 hours.

Ponder’s choice of attire this weekend didn’t cause quite as much hubbub as it did last week:

NFL Fans React To Sam Ponder’s ESPN Countdown Outfit (Photos) 1

That said, NFL fans still took a moment to weigh in.

They flocked to social media and offered their two cents on how they felt she looked.

In a football weekend that saw Pam Oliver’s troubling appearance cause a stir, Baker Mayfield’s wife’s racy outfit to her beau’s game set the internet ablaze and Brittany Mahomes come under fire for her tweets bashing Taylor Swift – it is telling that Ponder could still cause so much commotion.

Especially with just her choice out of outfit.

That is the influence Ponder has, though. She is one of the most prominent sports media personalities around – and she doesn’t have to work as hard at it as some of her counterparts.

Ponder doesn’t need to post the sultry selfies that Charissa Thompson routinely does. She doesn’t need to openly flirt with the athletes on her show like Kay Adams.

It is all business with her.

With the NFL season more than halfway done, this likely isn’t the last time Ponder will find herself trending. What will she ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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