Kay Adams Flirts With Her NFL Quarterback Crush (Video)

Kay Adams Flirts With Her NFL Quarterback Crush (Video)

Kay Adams has quietly become one of the most prominent and respected sports analysts in the game over the past year.

Because of her history spearheading a show on the NFL Network, football coverage remains her bread and butter.

Part of the reason why Adams has enjoyed such immense success in recent years is because of her ultra-unique, very casual way of interacting with various sports stars.

This week, fans couldn’t help but notice how hard she was  crushing on one particular NFL quarterback.

This isn’t the first time Adams and Howell have been linked in this fashion. You will recall, a particularly handsy moment between the pair set the internet ablaze not too long ago (despite him having a girlfriend).

This is just par for the course.

Adams was and continues to be a rising star among sports media. Between her wild photos in her pajamas, provocative vacation pictures and that video of her dancing with Rob Gronkowski, she goes viral regularly.

This was just the latest example of that.

And while Howell’s season at the helm of the Washington Commanders’ offense obviously hasn’t gone totally as planned in 2023, he still has a bright future ahead of him.

Will Adams and Howell have future interactions that evoke this sort of intrigue from fans going forward? Time will tell.

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