Kay Adams’ New Orleans Saints Pajamas Cause A Stir (Photos)

Kay Adams’ New Orleans Saints Pajamas Cause A Stir (Photos)

Kay Adams caused something of a stir this week when a photo of her wearing New Orleans Saints pajamas went viral.

It goes without saying that, at this point, Adams is one of the most notable sports personalities in the game. Be it for her intimate photos or her handsy encounters with NFL quarterbacks, she never has any trouble going viral.

And it was more of the same this week.

Adams, who made her bones in the field by being an NFL personality, generated headlines a few days ago with her now-viral Baker Mayfield video.

Essentially, she made the case that he deserves more credit for how well he has fared with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers through four weeks of action. Especially relative the criticism he constantly receives and the expectations for him coming in.

In response, a fan posted this photo of Adams in Saints pajamas:

Given the nature of the internet and Adams being such a huge fan favorite, the photo proved to be an instant hit.

It has more than 100 likes despite being a response to an original tweet.

Big picture, Adams’ larger point about Mayfield is pretty clearly objectively true.

He is having a great year.

And clearly she can roll with the punches, as evidenced by her retweeting that photo of her in the Saints pajamas.

What will Adams ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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