Sam Ponder Criticized For Outfit To ESPN’s NFL Countdown (Photos)

Sam Ponder Criticized For Outfit To ESPN’s NFL Countdown (Photos)

Sam Ponder was criticzed this week for her choice of outfit to ESPN’s NFL Countdown show.

Over the past few years Ponder has emerged as something of a polarizing figure within sports media circles. Between her unabashed honesty when it comes to her political views and willingness to jump into the mud against her foes, she is definitely one of the fiercer personalities around.

In recent months she has made headlines for everything ranging from her wild beach day photos to her previous wardrobe decisions. This weekend proved to be no exception.

During Sunday’s broadcast of ESPN’s NFL Countdown, some fans at home took issue with Ponder’s choice of outfit.

Again, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened with Ponder. She has sparked controversy with her outfit choices in the past, too. Some even wanted her reprimanded over it. It is just interesting that this is such a reoccurring issue for her.

That being said, this was a busy football weekend. Between the hubbub caused by an NFL ref openly mocking a quarterback during the game and Red Thong-Gate on the Philadelphia Eagles’ sideline, Ponder’s attire will likely be forgotten fairly quickly.

That is just the nature of how these things go.

It will be interesting if at some point in the foreseeable future Ponder ultimately chooses to come out and address all the haters at home that seem to take issue with her outfit choices. Nobody would blame her if she did, but it would also make sense if she simply let the matter die down and go away.

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