Eagles Staffer In Red Thong Steals The Show During Cowboys Game

Eagles Staffer In Red Thong Steals The Show During Cowboys Game

A Philadelphia Eagles staffer seemingly sporting a bright red thong stole the show during the team’s Sunday afternoon game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Coming into this outing, both Philly and Dallas had a lot to play for. With the season half over, this is where the final sprint toward the playoffs truly begins.

Despite the heavy stakes, an interesting viral subplot dominated social media feeds as the game went on. It involved someone on the Eagles’ sideline wearing a red thong.

The visual largely speaks for itself:

In an NFL weekend that saw referees blatantly cheat to help one team and then the significant other of one of the league’s top quarterback go viral over her wild party photos, nothing should come as a surprise.

That said, this red thong saga still caught fans off guard.

Big picture, there are obviously more important things to worry about than which Eagles staffer decided to wear a red thong to the game.

Jalen Hurts probably isn’t breaking a sweat over this.

But you also can’t blame folks at home for being curious.

It made for a pretty odd image.

Will someone on the Eagles’ side come out and address Red Thong-gate once and for all at some point on Monday? Time will tell.

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