NFL Referees Blatantly Help Chiefs Cheat During Dolphins Game (Video)

NFL Referees Blatantly Help Chiefs Cheat During Dolphins Game (Video)

NFL referees often get a bad reputation among fans. It is a natural part of the game.

That said, the NFL’s referees put together an all-time bad performance during this weekend’s Sunday morning showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins.

One sequence in particular really illustrated the favoritism that the NFL’s referees showed the defending champs.

During a Dolphins drive just before halftime, Tyreek Hill got the ball and was hit by cornerback Trent McDuffie. The ball came out, and chaos ensued.

The ruling on the field was that Hill fumbled, safety Mike Edwards scooped the ball up and that he properly lateraled the ball to Bryan Cook who ran it in for a 60-yard score.

Not everyone felt that was a valid interpretation of what occurred, though.

It is hard to argue with those points about Hill not having proper possession of the ball.

Obviously the NFL is very invested in the Chiefs as a whole. They are the defending champions and are the league’s most popular team right now.

Between Brittany Mahomes constantly going viral over her racy photos, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift getting busted being frisky in their car last week and just all the eyeballs on the franchise right now, there is a certain degree of pressure to keep Kansas City’s run going.

That said – fair is fair.

Miami was already facing an uphill battle coming into this game, and having the NFL’s referees blatantly working against them didn’t help.

Will the league come out and address why the NFL’s referees so blatantly seemed to be helping the Chiefs in their effort to beat the Dolphins this weekend? Time will tell.

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