Bill Belichick Wants To Leave Patriots For 1 Specific NFL Team

Bill Belichick Wants To Leave Patriots For 1 Specific NFL Team

Bill Belichick already has an exit plan in place for how he wants to depart the New England Patriots.

To say that the man once widely considered as the greatest head coach in NFL history is having a rough year would be an understatement.

Belichick’s off the field struggles are a matter of public record at this point, but he isn’t faring too well on the field either.

Not only are the Patriots 2-8 on the year and dead last in the AFC East – but Belichick also seems to have lost the locker room.

“The biggest takeaway for me is that Bill Belichick has no hope of resurrecting this program,” Chris Canty said early this week on ESPN Radio’s ‘Unsportsmanlike’ show. “There’s no way that he can get this thing back on track. He has lost the ear of the players in the locker room and that’s a terrible place to be.”

So where do all parties involved go from here? Well, a divorce seems inevitable. This is almost certainly Belichick’s final year in the New England.

That said – he has no plans to stop coaching.

According to ESPN personality Dan Orlovsky, Belichick already seems to have a specific next destination in mind for when his time with the Patriots comes to an end.

“I’ve heard more and more of that over the past week. I’m not a reporter or all that stuff, but I have heard that,” Orlovsky said.

“I have heard that that’s gonna be the case and it’s kind of … who knows the likelihood of it. But I’ve heard that that’s gonna happen and I’ve heard the location is already kind of determined as well.”

So what is the mystery team? The Los Angeles Chargers would certainly make a lot of sense. Though if the Dallas Cowboys come up short in the playoffs again, it also wouldn’t be that shocking to see Jerry Jones try to make a splashy play this summer.

Either way, clearly Belichick has a contingency plan in place for what happens after this season.

Where will Belichick ultimately end up coaching when everything is said and done in 2024? Time will tell.

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