Truth About Bill Belichick Walk Of Shame Video Emerges

Truth About Bill Belichick Walk Of Shame Video Emerges

A video began circulating the web this week appearing to show a man looking an awful lot like New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick doing a walk of shame.

The walk of shame, for those lucky enough to have never experienced it, is when you have to go home looking like you are in all sorts of disarray after a wild night.

In this particular example, the man who many believe is Belichick, is shirtless.

The video largely speaks for itself:

Because of Belichick’s profile, the video set the internet ablaze almost immediately.

Folks couldn’t wait to react on social media:

In an NFL week that saw Patrick Mahomes and his wife have a particularly icy public exchange and details emerge about how Josh McDaniels traded away one of his stars because his wife was attracted to him, somehow this particular video gobbled up all the attention.

That being said, a certain truth about the video finally emerged on Friday: it hasn’t actually been confirmed that the man in the clip is Belichick.

For all the laughter and jokes, nobody has truly determined that the individual in the clip is the Patriots’ head coach.

And while it is funny to assume that it is, hypothesis and reality are two very different things.

Maybe at some point in the foreseeable future confirmation will emerge that Belichick is the gentleman in the clip. For now, though? It is all just conjecture.

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