Kelly Oubre’s Car Accident Claim Takes Another Odd Turn

Kelly Oubre’s Car Accident Claim Takes Another Odd Turn

Philadelphia 76ers sharpshooter Kelly Oubre made headlines last week when he was seemingly the victim of a terrible car accident.

Specifically, the original claim was that Oubre was hit by a car while walking home. He was subsequently hospitalized in Philadelphia’s Center City for broken ribs and several other injuries.

On Wednesday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that all of the surveillance video reviewed by police thus far “shows no evidence that a crash occurred at the Center City intersection where Oubre reported being hit.”

Naturally, that struck many as odd.

“Two employees of businesses near the reported crash site told The Inquirer they reviewed roughly two hours of footage from that evening on their work surveillance systems and did not see the crash,” the report added.

Late Wednesday evening, TMZ surfaced a Ring camera video that seemed to show Oubre walking his bicycle home after the crash. He appears noticeably hobbled.

What is somewhat strange about this clip, aside from how exactly TMZ got it to begin with, is the fact that a bicycle is involved. Original reports specifically noted that Oubre was walking home when he was allegedly hit by a car – not riding a bicycle.

That said, it is possible that he was walking the bicycle. Moreover, given that Oubre is new to Philly, it is also possible that he simply is unaware of where precisely he got hit. He isn’t exactly familiar with the city yet.

Sixers head coach Nick Nurse was asked about some of the early discrepancies that have appeared in this particular incident, and he quickly came to Oubre’s defense.

“I don’t have any reason not to believe him,” Nurse said.

“Listen, like I said before, I believe Kelly at his word. I don’t have any other conversations or anything right now to comment on. I’m concentrating on this game. If some more evidence or anything else comes to light, we will handle it when it comes to light.”

This has been a crazy week in the NBA. A Lakers star got called out by a model for trying to cheat on his girl. A blockbuster trade is brewing.

And, of course, now there’s this.

It will be interesting to see how this saga ultimate unfolds.

Will Oubre ultimately be able to gather together enough evidence to vindicate his original claims? Time will tell.

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