PFT Commenter Leaving Barstool Sports Over Trump Interview?

PFT Commenter Leaving Barstool Sports Over Trump Interview?

PFT Commenter Leaving Barstool Sports Over Trump Interview?

PFT Commenter may end up leaving Barstool Sports over an interview his company did with President Donald Trump this week.

The founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, sat down with President Trump in the Rose Garden on Thursday. The pair’s conversation was largely harmless and superficial, but it inspired a number of negative reactions from within Barstool.

One person who took issue with the interview was Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz, PFT Commenter’s partner on the hit podcast Pardon My Take.

In a 10-minute rant on Friday, Big Cat went into great detail about why Portnoy’s interview with President Trump bothered him.

The chief reason, according to Big Cat, was that it put him in the uncomfortable position of either having to endorse or condemn Portnoy and Barstool as a whole on political matters – something he expressly does not want to do.

It stands to reason that PFT Commenter would feel the same way.

PFT Commenter is unabashedly liberal and has been for years. As a result, he has often caught heat from like-minded voices on social media over his association with Barstool Sports – a company accused of leaning more to the right than to the left politically.

Recently, PFT Commenter’s frustration with Barstool reached a boiling point when he wrote a public blog criticizing Portnoy.

Up to this point, he has not spoken out regarding Portnoy’s interview with President Trump.

If Big Cat ultimately decides that the direction Barstool is headed in does not align with his views, he could opt out. And if he does, it would not be all that shocking to see PFT Commenter go with him.

PFT Commenter signed a two-year contract extension with Barstool Sports back in June, so he likely still has a bit of time left before he can officially walk.

Similarly, Big Cat probably has some time left on his deal as well.

That said, contracts end at some point. And when the Pardon My Take boys’ official agreements end, it will be interesting to see if they opt to re-sign with Barstool or take their show elsewhere.

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