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Notre Dame And ACC Scheduling Plans Go Public

Notre Dame And ACC Scheduling Plans Go Public

Notre Dame And ACC Scheduling Plans Go Public

Notre Dame’s scheduling plans went public this week as the college football community scrambles to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While nothing is set in stone yet, it appears as though the ACC will ultimately opt for a 10-plus-one system this coming season. That plan, theoretically, would include the Fighting Irish.

The way it would work is this: schools would ultimately play 10 in-conference outings and then one out-of-conference outing. That in-conference slate would essentially feature two more home games than what is currently on the books.

This system would permit some big in-conference rivalries to remain untouched.

Efforts to reconfigure the 2020-21 schedule are the direct byproduct of Covid-19 throwing the sports world into a state of flux.

Two conferences, the Pac-12 and Big Ten, have announced that they would only host in-conference outings. In the latter’s case, no further details have been announced; in the former’s, a schedule is set to be released soon and will likely feature games kicking off on September 19.

As a result of already announced changes, the Fighting Irish’s showdowns against the Wisconsin Badgers, USC Trojans and Stanford Cardinal are officially cancelled.

That means the only way Notre Dame squads off against notable rivals is if the ACC permits one non-conference outing next year – which appears like it will in fact be the case.

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