Big Cat Leaving Barstool Sports Over Trump Interview?

Big Cat Leaving Barstool Sports Over Trump Interview?

Big Cat Leaving Barstool Sports Over Trump Interview?

Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz may end up leaving Barstool Sports over the interview Dave Portnoy conducted with President Donald Trump this week.

Late Thursday afternoon, photos and video began to emerge of a sit down between Portnoy and President Trump in the Rose Garden. Although the substance of the interview was not known yet, just the simple fact that the interview occurred rubbed some people the wrong way.

One of those people: Big Cat.

Big Cat is universally regarded as the second-most popular personality at Barstool Sports after Portnoy.

Prior to Call Her Daddy becoming the company’s biggest podcast, his Pardon My Take podcast was arguably the most valuable money-maker in the organization.

On Friday morning, Big Cat appeared on Sirius Radio and expressed his disappointment with Portnoy and Barstool Sports over the Trump interview.

Among the things Big Cat had a problem with, it appears, was not being consulted on whether the interview should take place or not. As a result, he is now placed in a position where he needs to condone or condemn Barstool and Portnoy over politics when, up to this point, he has always been largely apolitical.

For years, Big Cat has maintained that his job was not to discuss politics – just to make people laugh. But now with this interview, a discussion regarding politics is almost unavoidable.

Shortly after Big Cat’s radio rant, many on Twitter began speculating whether he may opt to leave Barstool. While that is obviously an option, it appears to be an unlikely one.

Big Cat has major equity within the organization is one of the foundational pieces the entire company is built around. If there is one person Portnoy absolutely could not afford to let go of, it is unquestionably Big Cat.

Although Big Cat’s feelings appear to be hurt, it seems all but a foregone conclusion that he will stay at Barstool despite this bump in the road.

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