New Video Shows If Arizona Player Purposely Groped TCU Cheerleader

New Video Shows If Arizona Player Purposely Groped TCU Cheerleader

Arizona defeated TCU last week to advance to the Sweet 16. While the game itself was interesting, what captured headlines after the fact was a video of Arizona star Bennedict Mathurin’s encounter with a cheerleader.

In the now-viral clip, many wondered if Mathurin made contact with the cheerleader’s chest.

This week, an alternate angle of the incident emerged. It should settle once and for all whether there was any purposeful groping going on:

Understandably, some began calling for an apology:

Despite the video seemingly exonerating him, Mathurin still wanted to make sure the cheerleader was okay.

“I actually sent an email, I reached out to the cheerleader, through the TCU athletic department,” Mathurin said on Wednesday. “I reached out to her, and that’s it.”

Hopefully that will settle that.

In a year where an ESPN camera guy incited outrage when he simply could not stop zeroing in on a cheerleader’s butt and an unfortunate altercation between a player and St. Bonaventure cheerleader went viral – this nonsense feels like par for the course.

Hopefully now that that this issue has been put to bed both Mathurin and Arizona can focus on the task at hand: advancing in the NCAA Tournament.

How far will they ultimately get?

Time will tell.

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