Did Arizona Player Inappropriately Touch TCU Cheerleader’s Chest?

Did Arizona Player Inappropriately Touch TCU Cheerleader’s Chest?

Arizona earned a memorable 85-80 victory over TCU on Sunday to claim its place in the Sweet 16.

Unfortunately, rather than focus on the outing itself or the impressive efforts exhibited by both teams – social media couldn’t stop talking about one particular incident after the fact.

Upon the conclusion of the game, the players involved proceeded to shake hands. During one particular sequence, some at home thought they noticed Arizona’s Bennedict Mathurin do something odd.

The video largely speaks for itself:

As do the reactions after the fact:

That said, not everyone agreed that something was done wrong here.

It will be up to everyone at home to decide for themselves what precisely happened there. But clearly folks are divided.

Big picture, in a year where an ESPN cameraman sparked controversy when he couldn’t stop zooming in on a cheerleader’s butt and an ugly incident between a player and St. Bonaventure cheerleader went viral – this is just par for the course.

Will Arizona, TCU or any of the individuals involved ultimately opt to come out and comment on this incident? Time will tell.

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