ESPN Cameraman Kept Zooming In On Cheerleader Butts (Photos)

ESPN Cameraman Kept Zooming In On Cheerleader Butts (Photos)

March Madness is officially in full effect. It is the greatest time of the year to be a college basketball fan, and it just so happens to be the point when a lot of casual viewers tune in to ESPN to watch programs they may have previously ignored.

One such program is Tennessee, who is going to be ranked second in the looming SEC Tournament. The Vols ultimately landed that seed with a 78-74 victory over No. 14 Arkansas this past Saturday.

While the game in itself was interesting, even more intriguing was the camera work during the outing.

Specifically, the one ESPN cameraman who clearly was enjoying his job a little too much that day.

The visuals largely speak for themselves:

That’s certainly one way to increase college hoops ratings.

What a year for collegiate athletics in general. Between star quarterbacks getting exposed for their foot fetishes, coaches and their possible affairs and an SEC reporter being criticized for her overly “exposing” clothing  — it has been one thing after another.

This just par for the course.

Will ESPN ultimately opt to address their interesting camera work over the past week and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Time will tell.

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