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Auburn’s Bryan Harsin, Clesi Crochet Scrutinized Amid Affair Rumors

Auburn’s Bryan Harsin, Clesi Crochet Scrutinized Amid Affair Rumors

Auburn football coach Bryan Harsin has been the subject of much criticism in recent weeks. Amid an exit of players and coaches, university officials have begun looking into precisely what has gone awry at the program.

Among the people who have publicly expressed discomfort with the way Harsin handles things: defensive tackle Lee Hunter, who transferred from Auburn to UCF this past offseason.

“Coach Harsin has the true mindset for a winner but has a terrible mindset as a person,” he wrote on Instagram, before adding: “The reason I chose to leave auburn because we got treated like we wasn’t good enough and like dogs.”

Harsin’s troubles aren’t just limited to football-related matters, though.

Over the past few days, Harsin’s assistant Clesi Crochet has also come under fire. The report surrounding her speaks for itself (via BSO):

That said, while the affair rumor seem to be public knowledge at this juncture – there has been little in the way of corroboration.

Harsin’s wife, meanwhile, offered this response on Instagram:

Auburn’s Bryan Harsin, Clesi Crochet Scrutinized Amid Affair Rumors 1

At the core of the issue here appears to be Harsin’s lack of success this past season at Auburn. He won nearly 80 percent of his games with Boise State, but went 6-7 this past year. Closing out the season with five straight losses, including dropping games to the likes of Texas A&M, Mississippi State and South Carolina didn’t help matters.

Working in Harsin’s favor is his contract. The cost to buy him out without cause is $18.3 million, with 70 percent of the money for the five remaining years of his contract being guaranteed.

It will certainly be interesting to see where this situation goes from here. In a college football season already marred by an SEC reporter being criticized for her overly “exposing” clothing and persistent bullying of team staff, this is just par for the course.

How will this saga ultimately turn out for all the players involved? Time will tell.

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