Molly Qerim’s Role In Stephen A. Smith’s Wild Outfit Choice (Photos)

Molly Qerim's Role In Stephen A. Smith's Wild Outfit Choice (Photos)

Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim are two stars on ESPN’s hit show First Take. That much everyone knows. What fans have been wondering about for months, however, is if there is anything more to their relationship than that.

Back in late December, reports surfaced about Smith and Qerim. The gossip subsided for a bit, but ultimately has picked back up.

During a recent episode of First Take, fans at home couldn’t help but wonder if Smith had picked his wardrobe specifically for Qerim.

The photos speak for themselves:

Folks can obviously make up their own minds based on the evidence at hand.

Qerim, for what it’s worth, has incredible fashion sense:


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The elephant in the room, of course, is Qerim’s divorce with Jalen Rose. Shortly after news of the split went viral, Rose came out and immediately offered the real reason behind it. That only added further fuel to the fire.

For better or worse, it feels like this isn’t going to be the last time social media speculation runs rampant regarding Qerim and Smith.

Will the two opt to address it at some point, one way or the other?

Time will tell.

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