Is Stephen A. Smith Dating Jalen Rose’s Wife Molly Qerim?

Is Stephen A. Smith Dating Jalen Rose’s Wife Molly Qerim?

Earlier this week news broke that ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose and his wife, First Take host Molly Qerim, were separating.

Given that the pair had only been together for three years, the unfortunate update came as something of a surprise.

Rose wasted no time trying to get ahead of the story and attempting to set the record straight on the real reason for the pair’s divorce.

On Thursday, however – things took a strange turn.

According to MTO, there is chatter of Qerim possibly now dating First Take star Stephen A. Smith.

“MTO News spoke with two ESPN employees who work close to Stephan A and Molly, and both said that they suspect that the two may be dating,” the report said.

“She’s definitely Stephen A’s type, a non-Black woman with ‘exotic’ features.’ Molly is ethnically mixed, Italian and Albanian,” one of the employees added.

A second employee seemed to agree.

“They flirt a lot on camera,” they added. “I thought it was all just play-play. But now that we learn she’s been single for a year. Yeah, it seems like something is up.”

This isn’t the first time Smith has been linked to a colleague in this fashion.

So is there anything to this rumor?

It’s impossible to say for certain. Sometimes where there’s smoke there’s fire. Other times, it’s just smoke.

Which is it in this particular case? Time will tell.

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