Kevin Durant Puts Karl-Anthony Towns In His Place (Video)

Kevin Durant Puts Karl-Anthony Towns In His Place (Video)

Karl-Anthony Towns is a supremely talented NBA big man. Him winning the three-point contest during the All-Star Break put him in rarified air and solidified him as a truly special player.

That said, it also gassed him up something crazy. So much so that he came out after the fact and called himself the best big man shooter in the league’s history.

“I’m the greatest big man shooter of all time. That’s a fact,” Towns said, per The Athletic. “You can see the stats. I ain’t got to play like no one else. Everyone trying to find themselves to be the second version of me when I’m the first version. I don’t got to be the second version of someone else. I’m already an original. I don’t have to be a duplicate of someone else.”

Naturally, that statement raised a few eyebrows.

This week, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant came out and put Towns in his place.

“[Dirk Nowitzki’s the] greatest big man shooter of all time. Although I respect KAT … but for KAT to say that, come on,” Durant said.

Whether he’s dishing out a savage three-word insult at LeBron James or giving a blunt assessment of Russell Westbrook as a player – Towns has never been afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

It’s something has earned him his fair share of enemies. And his recent proclamation is just another example of that.

Towns may believe that he’s the best shooting big man of all time. And that’s fine. But like Durant said, in everyone else’s eyes – Nowitzki is still king.

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