Kevin Durant’s Blunt Text Message To Kendrick Perkins

Kevin Durant’s Blunt Text Message To Kendrick Perkins

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant is inarguably one of the greatest players in NBA history. That isn’t up for debate.

Along with being supremely talented, Durant is also incredibly sensitive. That too is no longer in question. Be it through his beefing with random Hollywood personalities, taking shots at ex-teammates or just whining online – the two-time champ is always feeling some type of way about perceived slights.

Recently, ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins perfectly illustrated this when he described a text message that was sent to him by Durant.

Perkins’ commentary was telling.

“As I’m doing the show in commercial break, I look down at my cell phone and I just see KD write something in a text message,” Perkins said.

“I’m like ‘here we go.’ So I open the text message and it’s just a bunch of cuss words. He’s reading me my rights, like ‘MF of this, MF of that, but you’re right though.’ I was like alright then, go out there and handle your business.”

That sounds about right.

Durant is a fantastic player. Again, one of the greatest ever. But sheesh – what a weird dude.

Whether he is creeping on random college girls online or taking weird little shots at Steph Curry, it’s always something with him. And that something is always petty.

Hopefully Durant is able to eventually resolve whatever it is in his life that makes him so unhappy. Because for now, he has turned into quite the unpleasant personality.

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