Did Kevin Durant Just Like A Tweet Trashing Stephen Curry?

Did Kevin Durant Just Like A Tweet Trashing Stephen Curry?

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is one of the greatest social media power users of our generation.

As such, he always inevitably finds himself at the center of an online controversy.

It seemingly happened again this week, as a Twitter user pointed out that Durant allegedly liked one of his tweets bashing Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Curry and the Warriors won two straight championships together in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons. Durant was named Finals MVP both times. Despite that, throughout Golden State’s entire title run – Curry was viewed as the face of the franchise.

Is that what apparently has Durant in his feelings? It’s tough to say.

Durant has been in the headlines for various online activities a lot over the past few weeks. First there was him creeping on Oklahoma track star Brooke Thomas’ Instagram. Then his memorable beef with actor Michael Rappaport. And then his decision to weigh in on the Los Angeles Lakers’ Vivian scandal.

And now this.

Durant is good at a lot of things in this world. But staying off trouble on the internet ain’t one of them.

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