Vivian Flores Lakers Scandal Takes A Weird Turn (Photos)

Vivian Flores Lakers Scandal Takes A Weird Turn (Photos)

A bizarre scandal rocked Lakers Nation this week.

It all began when podcaster Vivian Flores, who supposedly “went missing” on Monday, was located a mere several hours after her alleged disappearance.

The person who broke the news about her so-called vanishing initially was her podcast co-host Josh Toussaint.

Vivian Flores Lakers Scandal Takes A Weird Turn (Photos) 1

After many fans and some celebrities came out in support of locating Vivian, Toussaint claimed she was found.

Vivian Flores Lakers Scandal Takes A Weird Turn (Photos) 2

That’s where things got weird.

As people began digging more and more into the situation, some social media users started claiming that a man was running Vivian’s Twitter account. The main reason for why this became a prevailing theory is because several folks suggested they didn’t believe Vivian’s voice matched her face. Others noted that her photos were bad photoshops of Lakers games.

Things took an even stranger turn when a Twitter user named ItsKingsBruh revealed during a Twitter Spaces session which included Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant that he was involved with Vivian in some capacity in the past, and cut the relationship off when he realized he was being catfished.

At that point, additional folks started pointing out the weirdness associated with Vivian’s account.

Toussaint then came out and offered his side of the story.

And then Vivian came out with hers:

Vivian Flores Lakers Scandal Takes A Weird Turn (Photos) 3 Vivian Flores Lakers Scandal Takes A Weird Turn (Photos) 4

There have been a number of weird and disturbing basketball-related stories over the past few weeks. A former Laker allegedly beat up his girlfriend on camera and then showed no remorse for it. Durant went on a homophobic rant about a random actor for no clear reason.

But this one really takes the cake when it comes to bizarreness.

Will the truth about Vivian ever come out? Time will tell.

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