Kevin Durant vs Shannon Sharpe Feud Hits A New Low

Kevin Durant vs Shannon Sharpe Feud Hits A New Low

This week an explosive feud broke out between Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant and Fox Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe.

It all began with Sharpe seemingly lying about a quote from Durant.

Durant, understandably, did not take kindly to this.

“Y’all drunk uncle out here lying again. When did I say this @ShannonSharpe?” he tweeted.

Rather than apologize, Sharpe inexplicably opted to double down.

“Y’all remember the fake account when KD said: now everybody wanna play for the heat and Lakers?” he tweeted. “Let’s go back to being competitive and going at these peoples. Then joins 73-9 warriors and builds Nets into a superpower with Kyrie and Harden. OMG.”

This prompted a response from Durant.

“Ole Shannon refuses to respond to me. Yo Shannon why are u using your platform to push fake quotes about me???”

And then this: “Shannon went on tv responding to this quote like I actually said this. Gullible fans will believe it, or say ‘you was thinking this anyway’ it’s comedy at this point”

To which Sharpe replied: “KD, IF* you wanna talk to me. I’m not hard to find, but I’m not going bck and forth on social media. Whatever our differences are. They can be handled out of the eye of social media.”

Durant wasn’t having it, though.

“We can talk in front of everybody, it ain’t that serious Shannon, u go on tv in front of everybody pushing fake shit but now u wanna talk in private??? Why u lying on tv Shannon???” he wrote.

Everything then came to a screeching halt with Sharpe blocking him.

Durant has been getting into a lot of stuff over the past few months. He had a memorable beef with Michael Rapaport. Before that, Wiz Khalifa exposed him for being a terrible friend. And prior to that he got busted creeping on Oklahoma track star Brooke Thomas’ page.

At this point, it should be clear to everyone – Durant is never one to back down from a little controversy.

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