Michael Rapaport Explains Why He Snitched On Kevin Durant

Michael Rapaport Explains Why He Snitched On Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was fined $50,000 this past week after sometimes-actor Michael Rapaport exposed a series of threatening DMs from the Brooklyn Nets star.

In the DMs, Durant could be seen getting extremely angry about some comments Rapaport made regarding him.

As a result, Durant went on a several messages-long tirade during which he used everything from homophobic slurs to racial insults to blunt threats in an effort to intimidate Rapaport.

For obvious reasons, the NBA didn’t take kindly to what transpired.

Durant subsequently came out and addressed the matter.

This week, Rapaport, the victim of Durant’s tirade, offered his side of the story.


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“Yo, this situation with Durant has gotten out of hand,” he said on Instagram.

“I feel bad about it. I feel bad about my involvement in the situation. I feel bad that it’s gotten this far. You know, I met him one time, it was cool, cordial. I’m a fan. I met him as a fan.

“And the funny thing is, he actually had reached out to me about doing something that I call on social media, ‘The Shame Game,’ about putting people who talk sh*t on social media on blast. That was actually the way we met.

“I don’t consider him a friend. The way he was talking to me is not like a person who is a friend. I don’t speak to friends like that. I don’t banter with friends, telling them, ‘Yo, when I see you, I’m gonna spit in your face, ha ha ha.’ That’s not banter. That’s not locker room talk. Those are threats. They were made over and over and over. It’s been going on for months.”

Will this explanation endear Rapaport to Durant’s fans? Probably not.

It goes without saying this isn’t the first time in recent weeks Durant has found himself in a sticky situation. A little while back, Wiz Khalifa exposed him for being a terrible friend. Then he got busted creeping on Oklahoma track star Brooke Thomas’ page. Not great looks, all things considered.

A lot of this has to do with Durant’s injury being worse than expected, thus leaving him with too much free time on his hands.

Hopefully once he gets back on the court he can leave this sort of nonsensical drama behind him.

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