Chicago Bulls Preparing To Create A Monster Big 3?

Chicago Bulls Preparing To Create A Monster Big 3?

The Chicago Bulls made the biggest move of this year’s NBA Trade Deadline when they acquired Nikola Vucevic from the Orlando Magic.

While that trade hasn’t necessarily paid off yet, what with the team still being 22-30 and 3-7 in their last 10, the groundwork has been laid for future success.

Between Vucevic and Zach LaVine the Bulls now have a respectable tandem.

That said – something is still missing.

Fortunately, it may not be that way for long.

According to Michael Pena of Sports Illustrated, Chicago could reasonably create a whole new Big Three very soon. If the pieces align, that group would feature LaVine, Bradley Beal and Vucevic.

“Even with LaVine’s cap hold, the Bulls can still have enough room to slide another max contract onto their books,” he wrote.

“Bradley Beal, who played for Donovan in college (Did you know that, Bulls fans? It’s true!) and can opt out of his contract would be a grand slam addition. That’s an extremely expensive team, but with Vučević’s coming off his contract the following year, there’s an absolute best-case/dream-like scenario where Beal, LaVine and Williams manifest as the organization’s next Big Three.”

Beal would obviously be a tremendous pick-up for Chicago, but it’s debatable how realistic of an option he truly is.

Earlier this year, when it became clear that his future with the Washington Wizards was in doubt, Beal quietly made a list of five teams he was willing to accept a trade to. The Bulls were not one of those teams.

Will that change this coming offseason? Time will tell.

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