Kay Adams Grabs, Exposes Shams Charania’s Phone (Video)

Kay Adams Grabs, Exposes Shams Charania’s Phone (Video)

Kay Adams and Shams Charania had something of a colorful exchange on camera Thursday morning.

At this point, it is basically an open secret that Charania and Adams flirt nonstop whenever they get together.

This week proved to be no exception.

During a broadcast together, Adams decided to take things one step further by snatching Charania’s phone and then exposing it to the camera.

“You want to talk a little NFL?” she playfully shot at him.

“You’re not playing man coverage on your phone right now.”

Charania’s reaction said it all. He sheepishly alluded to a law being broken before basically just sitting back and taking the verbal onslaught from Adams.

Understandably, folks at home had a lot to say about the exchange.

Big picture, much like Charania, Adams is no stranger to making headlines. Be it for flirting with her NFL crush, her provocative pajamas or her wild vacation pictures, she is always trending for something.

Her and Charania have that in common.

Their most recent exchange is just another example of how much people follow both sports personalities.

What will Charania and Adams ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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