Kay Adams Flirts With Shams Charania Even Harder (Video)

Kay Adams Flirts With Shams Charania Even Harder (Video)

Kay Adams and Shams Charania have quietly emerged as the biggest dream couple in all of sports broadcasting.

The pair originally set the internet ablaze last month when Adams openly flirted with Charania on a broadcast. The chemistry was palpable.

On Wednesday, she did it again.

The video speaks for itself:

Both Adams and Charania have a ton of fans on social media. As such, the reactions to their undeniably electric banter were exactly what you would expect them to be:

Charania has been in the news quite a bit in recent weeks. Between having to get brutally honest about the burner account allegations and the Vanessa Bryant controversy – it has been one thing after another for him.

In some ways, this most recent brouhaha is just par for the course.

Will Adams and Charania eventually just end all the drama and get together?

Time will tell.

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Jennifer Withers Hoey

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