Joe Burrow’s Interesting Interaction With Kendall Jenner Goes Viral

Joe Burrow’s Interesting Interaction With Kendall Jenner Goes Viral

Joe Burrow has had a busy year. Things got off to a hot start when the Cincinnati Bengals inked him to a five-year extension worth $275 million.

Unfortunately, what followed after that was an absolute disaster.

In addition to the Bengals struggling for the entirety of their 2023-24 campaign and Burrow being persistently hobbled by various ailments, the former LSU star also suffered a season-ending injury in Week 11 against the Baltimore Ravens.

In the aftermath, Burrow began finding himself in the headlines for various off-the-field matters. First it was it was his wild vacation photos, then it was rumors that he was cheating on his longtime girlfriend.

This week Burrow found himself trending over some odd alleged behavior as it pertains to Kendall Jenner’s social media account.

The claim largely speaks for itself:

Joe Burrow’s Interesting Interaction With Kendall Jenner Goes Viral

Obviously everyone can draw their own conclusions about what was said there, but it is certainly interesting.

Jenner has been in the headlines quite a bit in recent days, too. Her steamy Valentine’s Day hotel session with Devin Booker caused quite the hubbub.

Burrow’s personal life has always been a hot topic of gossip. Mind you, the rumors of his incredible bedroom prowess have existed for years. There is a reason so many women openly slide into his DMs regularly.

That being said, publicly at least, Burrow has never entertained anyone other than his longtime girlfriend.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this situation.

If either Burrow or Jenner opt to address the matter in any capacity at some point in the foreseeable future, then maybe there is a little bit of fire behind all this smoke.

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