Cincinnati Bengals Fan’s DMs To Joe Burrow Cause A Stir

Cincinnati Bengals Fan’s DMs To Joe Burrow Cause A Stir

Joe Burrow has given Cincinnati Bengals fans a lot to cheer for this year.

After getting off to an objectively slow start, both he and the rest of the team rallied back hard in the second of the season and emerged as the AFC North’s top squad.

With a ton of the momentum at their back, Cincinnati then went in and humiliated the Buffalo Bills in a way nobody saw coming. No matter how this group fares against the Kansas City Chiefs, there is no denying that they have been extremely impressive.

This week one particular Bengals fan took to social media to express how in awe she was as far as what she had been seeing from the team. Only she wasn’t so much blown away by the whole squad as she was by Burrow.

@relyuhcs Dear Joe burrows girlfriend #joeburrow #fyp ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

“This is a message to Joe Burrow’s girlfriend and Joe Burrow’s girlfriend only,” she said in a social media video.

“First of all, big sorry because I’ve been sliding into your man’s DM’s….a lot. But, please, like just tell me what it’s like.

“Just give me something. Do it for the girls.”

None of this should come as a surprise. Earlier this week word emerged of how Burrow’s ex-girlfriends maintain that she is an absolute legend in the bedroom. He definitely exudes that energy, so of course this particular Bengals fan has picked up on it.

It remains unclear whether Burrow or his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, will ever actually address her DMs and public pleas – but clearly the thirst is real.

Holzmacher’s popularity has been skyrocketing over the past few weeks. Her outfit for last Sunday’s Bills game nearly broke the internet, and history will likely repeat itself this weekend.

As for Burrow, he seems focused despite all the headlines. In a week where even a Bengals cheerleader’s wild photos managed to land in the headlines, the team’s starting quarterback has kept his eyes on the prize.

Last year’s Super Bowl run caught a lot of people off guard. History repeating itself this season wouldn’t be as shocking, but it would still be really impressive given how mediocre the Bengals looked at the beginning of the season.

Can Burrow get it done one more time and put the Bengals in position to win a Super Bowl in 2023? One way or another, an answer will come this Sunday.

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